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Early Start Discovery Space

Aug 7

About Early Start Discovery Space

The Early Start Discovery Space is turning the world of children's museum's upside down by being the first of its kind to be based on a university campus. This incredible space offers a wide range of immersive and interactive experiences for children aged birth to 10 years old and their families. From educational programs to learn-through-play activities, this museum provides a fantastic opportunity for children to engage with the world around them and learn fun and excitingly. Get ready to embark on a journey of discovery and exploration at the Early Start Discovery Space!

Discover a world of learning through play at the Early Start Discovery Space. Their educational approach is backed by the latest research from UOW researchers, guiding every aspect of our play-based experiences. Watch as your child grows more curious and confident, empowered by an environment that supports their independence and encourages social interaction. Join their inclusive community and revolutionize your child's early education.

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What to do at Early Start Discovery Space

Join the ultimate learning experience at Early Start Discovery Space! With our innovative approach to learning, we emphasize play and collaboration among children, families, and educators. We aim to cultivate a deep sense of curiosity and creativity in everyone through a partnership of play. Thanks to the generous $7 million contribution from The Abbott Foundation, Early Start Discovery Space is the place to be for a holistic and transformative learning experience. Operated and supported by the University of Wollongong, they promise to bring out the best in every young mind that walks through our doors.

Treat yourself to a unique and memorable experience at Early Start Discovery Space! Your next event, be it a corporate gathering, product launch, Christmas party or even a wedding, can become a fun-filled and exciting adventure for you and your guests. With a range of customizable spaces available, including the Discovery Space floor, mezzanine level, Discovery Space gardens and full kitchen, you will surely find an area that will fit your needs perfectly. Their catering options are exceptional and will add an extra touch of delight to your event. Don't miss out on enjoying exclusive use of this space - enquire today!

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