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What Makes a Kitchen Look Luxurious?

Dec 11


Many elements make a kitchen "luxury" and others that don't. While many kitchen builders attempt to replicate the luxury look of a luxurious kitchen, they overlook the details that make a custom-built kitchen. 7-Day Kitchen specializes in the finer details that make a kitchen a luxury space to dine, cook and enjoy.


Visit Kitchen designers in Atlanta to discuss your options for a luxury kitchen remodel or renovation. Atlanta kitchen remodeling companies have listed many elements that make a luxury kitchen, as well as the differences between a semi-stock and stock kitchen.


High-quality kitchen designs use high-quality materials like cabinets or countertops, professional space plans, modern technologies and appliances, proper lighting, and beautiful interior design. You can create a perfect living space by taking the time to find a contractor who understands your needs.

Space Planning

Planning is the most important part of a luxury kitchen. It can improve the appearance of the kitchen as well as its performance and functionality. The luxury kitchen should be designed for family gatherings, daily use, and entertaining. The kitchen planning process improves storage and entertainment while maintaining an even flow.

Materials Used

The best materials are used in a luxury kitchen, including countertops and cabinets. Visit Atlanta kitchen remodeling company to see a variety of the high-quality materials we use in every kitchen.

Kitchen Lighting

Lighting can have a significant impact on the appearance and design of a kitchen. The luxury kitchen uses both natural and artificial lighting to lighten the space. A well-lit kitchen, which combines task lighting and an ambient tone, transforms a space from a room into a comfortable extension of your home.

Cabinets made to order

Cabinets in a kitchen are the key to design and functionality. Cabinetry that is customized can improve storage and add beauty to your kitchen. The cabinets can be used to create a luxurious kitchen. Our custom cabinets are made for beauty and durability. Atlanta kitchen remodeling company installs luxurious kitchen cabinets.

Energy Efficiency & Savings

Through innovative and progressive technologies, a luxury kitchen can improve the sustainability and efficiency of a house's home. High-end appliances are used in luxury kitchens to reduce energy consumption and improve performance. High-end kitchens feature efficient HVAC systems, LED Lighting, and more. Luxurious kitchens can save money and improve the environment.

Kitchen Appliances

Quality appliances are used in luxury kitchens by top manufacturers like Wolf, Sub-Zero, and Thermador. High-end appliances increase resale value, provide gourmet cooking, and maintain efficiency, durability, and longevity.

Architecture & Design

Luxury kitchens are designed to complement the architectural elements of the house. Luxury kitchens make use of high ceilings, windows, stone frames, and other architectural elements to create a feeling that the kitchen is an extension of the home.

Utilizing Existing Characteristics

Luxury kitchens also take into consideration the natural surroundings, including the outside and inside of the house. They incorporate other living areas and the outdoors. The surrounding environment is used by a luxury kitchen designer and builder to create a space that feels like it's at home, while still appearing natural.