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What Are the Seven Principles in Designing a Kitchen Layout?

Dec 11


You probably have ideas for your kitchen design from everywhere, whether you are building it or renovating an existing one.  Kitchen designers in Atlanta have narrowed down the top things you should consider when designing your kitchen. 

SPACE PLANNING in Kitchen Renovation

Everyone dreams of having a large kitchen that can host friends and family. Space planning is an important aspect of designing a kitchen. It is important to think about how traffic flows through and within the kitchen space. It is important to plan your kitchen so that there are no interruptions for the cook and others who use the space. These points will make your life more enjoyable and easier.


Clearance should not be permitted between hot surfaces such as gas burners or combustible materials that may be used for splashbacks. You should consider the design and finish of your cabinetry, splashback, and bench tops when choosing materials.


The most difficult part of a kitchen remodel is choosing the right materials. Kitchens today are often customized to suit the needs of the homeowner. To ensure that the material you choose is appropriate for the intended purpose, it is important to read the manufacturer's guidelines. A dark wood or veneer finish, for example, will make a small space appear smaller.

WORK TRIANGLE in kitchen design

A work triangle should be the priority when designing a kitchen. A kitchen work triangle should be designed to put the three most important work areas at the most efficient distance from each other and minimize traffic. The three primary work areas in traditional kitchens are:

  • Refrigerator
  • Sink
  • Stove


The importance of work triangles in kitchen design is important because the location, size, and shape of these elements can make a big difference in how the kitchen works.  The Atlanta kitchen remodeling company recommended that appliances be placed so that there is no greater than three feet between them and no greater than seven feet between them. The total length of the triangle sides should not exceed twelve feet. An extra step means more work, and a shorter distance means less space.

LIGHTING in kitchens

  • Ambient or general lighting
  • Task lighting
  • Accent lighting
  • Natural lighting


Kitchens have become a place where people relax and share time with their families and friends. This environment requires well-designed and functional kitchen appliances. The types and budgets of appliances will affect the design and functionality of each kitchen. Before planning a kitchen layout, it is important to think about the appliances required.

CULTURAL REQUIREMENTS anticipation in kitchen designs

Multicultural societies are common, so it is important to consider cultural and religious requirements when designing a kitchen. The Jewish religion has many requirements for food storage and preparation. Therefore, the kitchen must be kosher.

BUDGET for kitchen renovation

Another important factor in designing a kitchen is the kitchen's cost and budget. You need to consider the cost of the cabinets and the budget. Also, you should consider the materials and splashbacks that will be used, as well as the accessories and accessories that might be included in the kitchen. You should also consider the purpose of your renovation. This could be for personal use or rental property.


The use of ergonomics principles in kitchen design can help make your kitchen more efficient and productive, regardless of how small or large it is. Practical application is the most important area. Everything stored in the workspace should be easy to reach without having to bend or stretch. You should have enough space to reach all your cooking supplies and appliances. A well-designed kitchen makes it easier to use and creates an environment that is less stressful for the body.


Legal requirements and recommendations are another important consideration when designing a kitchen. This ensures a safe environment for everyone to work in.


*at least 30 inches of clearance is required between the cooking surface and the unprotected/combustible surface above it.

*Having a GPO at 200m from the sink


*A tall, long, and full-length obstacle should not be used to separate the two primary work centers.

*A minimum of 12 inches of landing area should be provided on one side of the cooking surface, and at least 15 inches on another.

*Locate the microwave oven based on the user's height and abilities.


 Atlanta kitchen remodeling company should be of assistance to anyone who is thinking about renovating or building new kitchens.