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What Are the Kitchen Remodeling Trends to Look for in 2022?

Dec 11


The heart of any home is its kitchen. After a busy day, the kitchen is where we come together for breakfast and family dinners. This is why this year's home improvement trends revolve around cooking and meal preparation. 


Modern kitchens have a lot of technology that makes it easier to cook and clean. The focus of aesthetics is on family gatherings and simple, elegant designs. White accents and cold metals will be replaced by grounding colors and natural lighting.

Planning A Kitchen Remodeling Project?


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Smart Appliances

Kitchen appliances bring life to otherwise mundane and time-consuming tasks. Smart appliances allow for easy control and ease with the tap of an app. The home is becoming a more welcoming place to eat than a place where you spend hours cooking. These trends will continue as more cities move to electric for both safety and long-term climate impacts.


Kitchen designers in Atlanta say induction cooktops are a hot topic this year. Many cities are now taking steps to ban the use of gas ranges in residential properties because of their high levels of emissions. They predict that even though people might be opposed to the idea, fast boiling water, and sleek new designs may make them reconsider.

Earthy Walls, Floors, and Surfaces

In 2022, all white will be out. High-traffic areas will see more yellow and green. For ultra-modern dark kitchens expect more gold in places where silver was once. You can also create your creative ideas with removable wallpaper.


Realistic woods are also in the future. The distressed and hand-scraped effects will bring warmth to the heart, giving it a natural, lived-in look. Patterned and ceramic flooring will also be a popular choice. Laminates and stone looks are a cost-effective way to give hard surfaces depth.

Flatware with a Funky Touch

Flatware is more utilitarian than plate ware, which gets a lot of attention each year. The style and use of the item will determine whether it is time to refresh. However, this year will see more family reunions, sleepovers, and backyard barbecues on the deck. This year, silverware sets for the host are especially important. Funky goblets, and fancy serving spoons, are great conversation pieces. You can stock up on many options that you can switch between depending on the event.


Perhaps it is time to get out the black matte flatware for drinks with co-workers, and the titanium rainbow flatware at kids' birthday parties. It's not a surprise that spoons and forks won't be forgotten this year.

Bottom line

You can do the same things that fashionistas do in their kitchens. Pops of color are possible. The Atlanta kitchen remodeling company says that you can have greens and ethereals. A kitchen remodel is a major investment that will last between 10 and 15 years. Therefore, trends won't be too unusual that homeowners will continue to make changes to the centerpiece of their homes each year.


It says there are sustainable and practical trends that homeowners can follow throughout the year. It emphasizes that it is important to remain current--not contrarian.