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How to design your dream kitchen on a budget

Apr 2

Here are some suggestions to aid you in making the most of your kitchen renovation.


1. Plan


Remodeling your kitchen requires greater time in the design phase than when you are building. It's possible to minimize the amount of time that you're interrupted by the chaos of construction if you have a plan in place. Additionally, you'll have a higher chance of sticking to your budget.


How long should you put aside for the preparation of your project? The Kitchen remodels Albuquerque recommends that you spend a minimum of six months. In this approach, you will not be enticed to alter your mind and make changes during construction, which can increase costs and reduce the return on investment.


Let's begin with the basics.

Have a look around the kitchen you have in your home and note the length of the doorway. It's a common mistake to purchase a larger refrigerator only to realize that you can't fit it through the front doorway. Create a precise kitchen layout, including measurements for doorways and walkways, worktops, etc. In order to avoid making mistakes such as this. It is also crucial to consider your height.

Take into account the flow of traffic. 42-inch work aisles for households with one cook are suggested for single-cook households, while 48-inch work areas for multi-cook households are recommended.

Take into consideration ergonomics when you design your layout: When it comes to kitchen design, accessibility is crucial. Kitchens can be made user-friendly by including pull-out or drawer shelves in base cabinets in addition to counters with an adjustable height that is able to rise or fall and wall ovens.

If you've planned your remodel to the number of nails that you'll need make sure you are prepared for the unexpected. Plan for the unexpected. You should consider a little extra room to complete the renovation. Do you have to finish it before the end of the month? Then, you could set a goal to complete it before Halloween.

Find out the material and fixtures that you'll need prior to starting: Contractors are able to give more precise estimates, and you'll be able to avoid delays because of backorders.

Take advantage of the expertise of a professional designer: your kitchen remodel will be easier with their help. The design considerations, the potential issues as well as scheduling for contractors are all made simpler by professionals. Expect to pay fees ranging from 10% and 17% of all project expenses.

2. Appliances may not be what they seem.


A stainless steel stove and hood between cabinets in dark blue.


The process of designing a kitchen can be a whirlwind of ideas. It's possible that you don't locate the perfect appliance for you, such as an industrial-grade six-burner range or a refrigerator with the highest quality.


The primary function of appliances is to cook and store food. Be aware of the tools when remodeling your kitchen. Instead, concentrate on the overall design and functionality of the area.


The most reliable long-term investments are cabinetry and floors especially if you're a frequent home cook.


Find appliances manufactured by well-respected manufacturers that have a track record of great success, such as the ones included in Consumer Reports.

3. Keep Your Footprints Current


It's difficult to determine the expense of a remodel that requires moving pipes or electrical outlets or tearing down walls. This is where the majority of problems arise.


Maintaining the same location for all your plumbing, appliances, and walls is always the best option. You will save money on renovation and demolition costs by reducing the amount of dust and debris that your work creates.


4. Are You Afraid Of Lighting? You Should Be!


White kitchen with tile backsplash in orange as well as stainless steel sink.


In a kitchen, lighting can make all the impact. It can brighten and amplify any space. It also makes your job easier and more efficient. Two kinds of illumination are needed in your kitchen, ambient and task.


Because cabinets offer such dim working environments lighting under cabinets is essential. It is a great time to do so while you are redesigning yours. To avoid shadows, make sure you use at least two lights per task area. Pendant lighting is ideal for islands and countertops that don't have low cabinets. Track lighting or recessed lighting can be useful over sinks as well as other areas that don't have cabinets.


Ambient lighting can be accomplished using flush-mounted ceiling fixtures as well as wall sconces and track lighting. Use dimmer switches to adjust the brightness level and the overall ambiance.

5. Always remember to be attentive to the highest quality in everything you do.


Modern designs paired with multi-colored hexagonal Hex tile.

It is important to consider the function of your kitchen and its long-term durability when redesigning. Make sure you choose items with longer guarantee terms and stay clear of products that are of low quality. Solid-surface countertops may be costlier, but they'll last for years provided you maintain them correctly. Additionally, if you plan to move soon, countertops with lengthy warranties can be a benefit.

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